Align your misaligned teeth with braces: It is obvious that straight teeth create a happier smiles. With braces, this goal can be achieved easily. Braces are used to align and straighten teeth which helps a person’s bite, fixes gaps and other flaws of the teeth or jaws.

How does the orthodontics process works?

Your first step is to book a consultation with the dentist. The consultation normally takes about 15 to 30 minutes to discuss your concerns, the different types of braces, which phase to start treatment, as well as the estimated cost for the various types of braces that suit you needs. Once the braces are on, it is very important to attend to every scheduled dental visit in order for the dentist to observe the process.

How much do braces cost?

There are factors to consider such as the different types of braces, as well as which treatment phase you will be starting with. During the consultation with the dentist, you will be advised of the cost based on your case.