The removal of the teeth is carried out when a tooth is severely broken down and cannot be repaired or has become very loose or infected due to severe gum disease.

Occasionally, children may require one or more tooth extractions as they are blocking the development of other teeth. Depending on the patient’s needs, an extraction can be done very quickly and easily (simply “pulling out” the tooth) or may be performed surgically.

Surgical extractions involve the removal of the teeth by taking away some of the covering gum and perhaps even the bone. The tooth might also need sectioning to help remove it. Lastly, stitches are placed until healing occurs.

How much does extraction cost?

This will depend on which tooth that needs to be extracted as well as the complexity of it. You can book a consultation with our doctor to discuss your concern.

I just want to pull out my tooth or have a filling. Why do you need to take an X-ray?

X-rays will display what we cannot see with our eye — the roots of the teeth beneath the gums, the formation of the tooth and we cannot detect how deeply decayed a cavity is. To accurately diagnose the tooth’s condition, X-rays are required to provide proper treatment.